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Bayston Hill Community Led Plan


Welcome to the Bayston Hill Community Led Plan

Here you will be able to keep up to date with plan related activities, consultations, events and more.  You will also be able get in touch, make suggestions, tell us about what you like or dislike about living here, why it's home for you and (hopefully!) volunteer to help us develop a high quality plan for the Village's future.

If you have any questions, comments, queries or observations please get in touch!  

Watch our video explaining more about the plan and the survey below.

Our Village, Our Plan

This is your opportunity to have a say in how the Village will develop over the next ten years.   What facilities and services do you want to see?  How should we fund them?  What housing or commercial development is needed?  Where should it go? How can we collectively work to become a healthy, safe and sustainable Village?

A small group of volunteers is starting the work of putting together a plan - but we need your help!  We need expertise (and especially opinion!) in areas such as the environment, community safety, health and wellbeing (sport/nutrition) and so on but we also need help in shaping the issues further and working out how we can consult as widely as possible to enable everyone to have a say.  The plan will cover the needs of all age groups from birth onwards and will be fully inclusive - considering the needs of all, including the vulnerable and the socially isolated.  

The more volunteers we have, the less the individual workload required and of course the greater the range of views that we can reflect.

The Plan will eventually be adopted by the Parish Council and Shropshire Council and will be used to underpin the planning system - it will have a legal status for example when planning applications are considered.  The key thing though is that it is community led. If you have a view or any sort of thoughts about how the Village should or could develop and/or would like to help us, please get in touch!​

The Big Survey Explained
Why not go to the tell us what you think page and have your say?!  Let rip.

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