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Tell us about your Bayston Hill

In order to help us plan for the future, we need to understand what Bayston Hill currently means to the people who live here.  This has the additional benefit of defining who/what we are and what that means in terms of preserving and/or developing the character, amenities and boundary of our Village.

It would be really helpful to the Community Plan process if you could drop us a line (and a photo or two if possible) to describe how you live in the village:  do you participate in clubs, societies, sporting activity?  Do you teach, work, run a business, go to church, attend the doctors or dentists, drink in  the pubs, shop, visit the library, walk on Lyth Hill or round Parrs Pool?  Or, do you simply live here and commute out?  What facilities do you use elsewhere in town?  What are we short of?  What is under strain?

Even if you are not able to join the community plan volunteer effort, a small contribution via email would be incredibly valuable.  Don't worry about style, just jot down your thoughts!

My Bayston Hill